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Vanilla and rosewater cupcake

What’s in a cake?

We always choose organic, free range and Fairtrade where we can. Apart from adding some magic to the cakes, here’s why. Fairtrade Buying Fairtrade ensures better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainabiliy and fair terms of trading for farmers and workers in the developing world. It allows people to improve their position and have more control over their lives… which is a right we all deserve. Organic Organic agriculture covers more than the non-use of fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides, animal drugs and additives. The bigger picture is about sustaining and enhancing the health of ecosystems and organisms, from the smallest in the soil to human beings. Healthy soils produce healthy crops that foster the health of animals and people. Animals get conditions that suit their physiology, natural behaviour and wellbeing. Human relationships are also taken into account, as organic agriculture looks out for farmers, workers, distributors and traders. It is about high-quality, nutritious food. It is about respect among people and towards the other living beings. And it’s about passing on healthy natural resources to future generations. Free …


Why organic?

There might be more to organic than you think. Of course, there’s always a temptation to fall in with the gang who sees it as just a bunch of irregular-shaped products that haven’t been washed properly – at twice the price. But that misses a lot of important stories. Organic agriculture covers more than not using fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides, animal drugs and additives. Looking at the bigger picture, it helps to sustain and enhance the health of ecosystems and organisms, from the smallest ones in the soil to bigger ones like the birds and the bees – and us. Healthy soils produce healthy crops that foster health. With organic, animals get conditions and opportunities that suit their physiology, natural behaviour and wellbeing. What’s more, this kind of agriculture looks out for farmers, workers, distributors and traders too. The Soil Association, when describing the organic movement, talks about four main areas: health, ecology, fairness and care. So, over and above quality, nutritious food, choosing organic means you look out for your local corner of the planet, you respect people …


Sweet like chocolate

Cor blimey, chocolate’s good, isn’t it? But is it the only choice for cake? We’d say definitely not. There’s no doubt that a chocolate cake is a wonderful thing. Moist cake sponge, gooey centres, and there are lots of worthy tweaks to the classics when you start throwing things like salted caramel into the mix. But, there’s a world out there and new adventures to be had, Afternooners. Think lemon, lime, nuts, seeds, pears, marmalades, syrups, ginger, blood oranges, coconut, cream cheese, cherries, coffee, raspberries, elderflower, toffee, biscuit, pastry, blueberries. Even something as stripped-back-gorgeous as chocolate-chip banana bread with toasted walnuts. We’re not saying  you shouldn’t eat chocolate cake. But, you could do worse than check out our seasonal menu for some other ideas.

plate licker

Plate lickers

There’s nothing we like better than someone deep in the throes of a cake. This page is dedicated to Jerry from Hackney (above). Jerry joined our table for a birthday celebration in 2013. Five minutes after this photo, someone heard him whisper, ‘How can I get out of here with that cake?’ Here are some other things we’ve heard said about After Noon cakes: “Best birthday ever. Wow. That’s so cool. It was really nice. Wish you could have attended. Let’s do it again next year please.” (Marques Toliver, @MarquesToliver) “I just wanted to say thank you so much for making such a wonderful cake, it was such a surprise and I LOVE cake so it was the best birthday ever. It’s honestly the best cake I ever had in my life. It is beautiful and delicious at the same time. Won’t ever forget it.” (Gizelle) “I’ve just eaten one of your very amazing cakes at my hair salon for the first time and I’m actually sat in the chair typing this after devouring it. I think …