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Sweet like chocolate


Cor blimey, chocolate’s good, isn’t it? But is it the only choice for cake? We’d say definitely not.

There’s no doubt that a chocolate cake is a wonderful thing. Moist cake sponge, gooey centres, and there are lots of worthy tweaks to the classics when you start throwing things like salted caramel into the mix.

But, there’s a world out there and new adventures to be had, Afternooners.

Think lemon, lime, nuts, seeds, pears, marmalades, syrups, ginger, blood oranges, coconut, cream cheese, cherries, coffee, raspberries, elderflower, toffee, biscuit, pastry, blueberries. Even something as stripped-back-gorgeous as chocolate-chip banana bread with toasted walnuts.

We’re not saying  you shouldn’t eat chocolate cake. But, you could do worse than check out our seasonal menu for some other ideas.

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