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Love for the hipster

hipster cat

Let’s get it out there: we want to spread love for the hipster.

“Grab your fancy coffee, slide into those skinny jeans and hop on your Fixie,” says the guy in a YouTube video. “Because we’re going where everyone seems to go: down Hipster Lane.”

In this video, Trace from a channel called D-News argues with sarcastic glee that hipsters are conformist types who all end up looking and acting the same. Whereas ‘non-hipsters buy the emotions behind products’, he says, ‘hipsters buy things that run counter to their emotional interests’. ‘They purchase things they subconsciously hate and then convince themselves that they are not part of the trend that is bad’.


Perhaps calling someone a hipster is a bit like calling someone a hippie back in the day – it’s just a tag others use. But, if we run with the idea that there is such a thing as a hipster, the following seem to fit the persona:

Rejecting blind consumerism
Supporting independent, local retailers
Supporting independent music
Supporting the idea of recycling and reusing (from shoes to a bike)
Supporting vegetarian or vegan lifestyles, often
Relatively well educated
Arty and willing to paying for it (rather than downloading it free)
Progressive political views
A good sense of humour and irony

So, what’s to hate?

And if you can get over it, Trace, why don’t you just get on your geared bike?!

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