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Talking media: indie mags


Is print media on its way out, like some people think? Not just now, we reckon.

The discussion has been around for a while. Do media like magazines have a future in their print format? Or will we all be forever reading from computers, tablets, i-watches or whatever else we’ll have plugged in our hands?

Hasn’t there been a similar debate around music? People foresee a time when all music will be downloaded, stored in the Cloud or simply stolen from somewhere. Of course, there’s the big worry about artists being paid at all for what they do. But an interesting thing has happened in music. Away from the download charts, a loyal fan base has gone back to that very tangible format, the LP record.

CDs were always a bit space-age. From the moment they landed on the planet, when people were smearing butter and jam on them to prove their invincibility, you – like me – have never really trusted them, right? Records, in comparison, request your love and care. In return they reward you with warmth and nostalgia.

Can we argue that the same future lies ahead for independent magazines? Rather than all print magazines being wiped out, some of the value-added titles could last the course in their old format. Quality is key, we reckon. It’s about good content, inspiring photography, quality print stock and – like LPs – the romance. Independence is also perhaps relevant here. These kinds of titles tend to be produced by people who care; not those who are just out to make a buck or two.

Check out some of our favourite titles below:.

Another Escape (website)
Huck (website)
Jocks & Nerds (website)
Kinfolk (website)
Little White Lies (website)
Monster Children (website)
Oh Comely (website)
Simple Things (website)

Saying all magazines will go electronic is perhaps like saying us human beings will ultimately be satisfied with just the electronic relationships we keep via social media. Surely there will always be a place for something personal and immediate?

Let us know what you think in the comments.

Plus, we’d love to hear about your favourite ‘zines.

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