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Plate lickers

plate licker

There’s nothing we like better than someone deep in the throes of a cake. This page is dedicated to Jerry from Hackney (above).

Jerry joined our table for a birthday celebration in 2013. Five minutes after this photo, someone heard him whisper, ‘How can I get out of here with that cake?’

Here are some other things we’ve heard said about After Noon cakes:

“Best birthday ever. Wow. That’s so cool. It was really nice. Wish you could have attended. Let’s do it again next year please.” (Marques Toliver, @MarquesToliver)

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for making such a wonderful cake, it was such a surprise and I LOVE cake so it was the best birthday ever. It’s honestly the best cake I ever had in my life. It is beautiful and delicious at the same time. Won’t ever forget it.” (Gizelle)

“I’ve just eaten one of your very amazing cakes at my hair salon for the first time and I’m actually sat in the chair typing this after devouring it. I think I might even have licked the plate. How embarrassing!” (Susan)

“I couldn’t be happier to stuff my face with your cakes. It makes me wish everyday was my birthday!” (Zee)

“The cake made a grand entrance at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons. It looked beautiful.” (Lynne)

“I’d travel to the other end of the globe for an After Noon cake.” (Michelle Obama)*

* OK, this one is a lie.

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