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Why organic?


There might be more to organic than you think.

Of course, there’s always a temptation to fall in with the gang who sees it as just a bunch of irregular-shaped products that haven’t been washed properly – at twice the price. But that misses a lot of important stories.

Organic agriculture covers more than not using fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides, animal drugs and additives. Looking at the bigger picture, it helps to sustain and enhance the health of ecosystems and organisms, from the smallest ones in the soil to bigger ones like the birds and the bees – and us. Healthy soils produce healthy crops that foster health.

With organic, animals get conditions and opportunities that suit their physiology, natural behaviour and wellbeing. What’s more, this kind of agriculture looks out for farmers, workers, distributors and traders too.

The Soil Association, when describing the organic movement, talks about four main areas: health, ecology, fairness and care. So, over and above quality, nutritious food, choosing organic means you look out for your local corner of the planet, you respect people and other living beings, and you help to pass on healthy natural resources to future generations.

If that isn’t enough, organic farming even assists our soils in storing higher levels of carbon. If organic production was common practice in the UK, we could actually offset at least 23 per cent of the greenhouse emission that we create through our agricultural practices.

Very important stuff, heh?

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