Magnificent Cakes
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What’s in a cake?

Vanilla and rosewater cupcake

We always choose organic, free range and Fairtrade where we can. Apart from adding some magic to the cakes, here’s why.

Buying Fairtrade ensures better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainabiliy and fair terms of trading for farmers and workers in the developing world. It allows people to improve their position and have more control over their lives… which is a right we all deserve.

Organic agriculture covers more than the non-use of fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides, animal drugs and additives. The bigger picture is about sustaining and enhancing the health of ecosystems and organisms, from the smallest in the soil to human beings. Healthy soils produce healthy crops that foster the health of animals and people. Animals get conditions that suit their physiology, natural behaviour and wellbeing. Human relationships are also taken into account, as organic agriculture looks out for farmers, workers, distributors and traders.

It is about high-quality, nutritious food. It is about respect among people and towards the other living beings. And it’s about passing on healthy natural resources to future generations.

Free range
Free range, organic farming allows egg-laying hens a greater opportunity to perch, dust-bathe, exercise and investigate their surroundings in natural ways. They get fresh air and natural light. And, by grazing outdoors the variety in their diet can help to improve the nutritional quality of their eggs.

Just crack a ‘free-range’ and ‘caged’ egg to see the difference. (The good ones have orange yolks!) Our Clarence Court eggs are a thing of beauty and make all the difference to our mixture.

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