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Talking coffee: the Flat White


How would you describe a Flat White?

Like any other coffee, your experience will no doubt depend on where you buy it. I’ve had some good cups and some terrible ones. So, what is a Flat White?

There’s a fair bit of debate about this particular coffee, but the general consensus is that it originated in Australia and is a smaller, stronger version of the Latte. I remember drinking my first as a take-away on Berwick Street in London Soho. Being mainly versed in the Cappuccino and Americano, it was like a punch to the head. A good one, if that’s possible.

A Flat White has proportionally more coffee to milk than the average. Typically served in a smaller cup, it’s two ‘short’ double shots of espresso, with steamed milk that is prepared and poured in a way that adds a thin, velvety micro-foam.

Here are the steps to making it:

  1. A 8-9oz cup
  2. Two ‘short’ double shots of espresso
  3. Texture full-fat milk until it becomes a creamy micro-foam
  4. Pour milk into the cup and fold through the coffee, leaving no layer separation between coffee and milk

A good Flat White is the coffee, not the milk. The taste is creamy and sweet, and about packing as much taste as possible into a small package.

How far do you think we can go to create the perfect cup? Is this too far, below?

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